[16x][1.1] ImprovedDefaut (1.1)

About Improved Default Are you one of those people that arnt really interested by those HD texture packs? Are you used to the default texture and feel out of place when you install a different one? Do you just LOVE the original feel of minecraft? Then this is the texture pack for YOU! The Features Pumpkin face removed Glass improved, less intrusive Cactus more yellow Removed grey

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[16x][1.1] Brisk Texture Pack

I am working on a texture pack which I like to call 'Brisk'. It is somewhat simplistic and clean, hopefully. It still has a long way to go - I hope to change as much as possible visually in Minecraft. Up to this point, I have changed the GUI and Terrain (though they both need some more work). There is still a long way to go...I have just been looking for different opinions on what looks

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[16x][1.1] Good Morning Craft v3.3!

Greetings all! Good Morning Craft is a texture pack that offers a smoother, quirkier Minecraft experience. Frequently updated and completely on-going - GMCraft won't let you down! Current Version: 3.3 Release Notes: Added mob spawn eggs and lapiz. New, less drippy, leaves. Replaced zombie pigmen with Gremlins to occupy the Nether. Download: [16x][1.1] Good Morning Craft

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[32x][1.1 and 12w04a] GamingLord’s Art Pack

Okay, phew. Hey all, finally updated the pack again. Been a while, had a ton of real life crap and drama get in the way for a while, and now my comp is acting up. (Thankfully I know the issue, and have the replacement part already on arrival.) Anyway, the pack is now compatible with 1.1 and snapshot 12w04a. It also features some animated textures, including the standard liquids and portal

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Enjoy my newest texture packs which are called The CL Pack 1.0. Download Here: THE CL PACK

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[32x] [1.7] Last Days

So you may be wondering why I made this thread. Well, to make a long story short, History got too busy and put me in charge of Last Days. I made this thread so I could organize and update with less hassle. This is merely a continuation of History's work, which was a continuation of Doku's work. I only take credit for the textures I added and will be adding. And yes, I do have History's

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[x64][1.7] T42′s HD Texture Pack

The T42 HD texture pack is available for download. This is still a work in progress, but most of it is done. The only thing left to do is finish the mobs as everything else is in there. Here is a breakdown of what is in the pack... Custom Lava Custom Water Custom Portal Custom Map Background and Icons User Interface Terrain

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[32x][1.7.3] SilkCraft

How to Install: Download MCPatcher: http://www.minecraft...f=1021&t=252531 Download the latest version of SilkCraft (Do not unzip) Close MineCraft if it is running Open MCPatcher Under options, change Fire and Portal to "Default" Back under Mods, Click Patch If you are on Windows, navigate to C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\texturepacks If you are on Mac,

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[64x][1.6.5]|RezFX| (V. 5.0, Tron world textures)

Instructions: 1. If you haven't used the HD Texture fix yet, please do. Check everything, and click okay to patch. Don't forget to set it to 64x64. 2. Take the downloaded file and place it here: AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\texturepacks 3. You can go to the run command at start for windows and type this in to get to appdata, which is hidden: %appdata% 4. NOTE: For me, foliage color, grass

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[WIP] Do creepers dream of exploding sheep (64×64)

The first WIP Release of this Pack is now Available for download. This is a 64x64 Pack and will need the HD Texture Fix. Much is this pack is based on Dante80's Albion Pack. As such there are pieces of copperdomebodha's sanguine, Misa's realistic, aageon's bumpmaft, eldpack, Hozz' 32x32 item mix, and Runesmith texture sprites. Some Images Download Here: [WIP] Do creepers

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