[16x] Fadescraft v 0.8 [1.5]

I made it look simple with a little spice. I took away the multiple colors blocks had and kept it to only 2 to 3 different colors on one block. I also made wool smooth with no design on it so it is ideal for pixel art/ sprite art (Example below in pictures). This is a pre-release kinda because I have not added everything I have wanted to release in the final version. Download Here:

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[16px][1.4] moontrain’s Lucid Pack! (WIP) v0.1.6

A few screenshots: Current terrain.png: v0.1.6 Release notes: Added bed, repeater block & other new things to terrain.png. The pack is now fully compatible with Beta 1.3. That's it for now! Next up (for v0.2): Improved iron, gold & diamond block textures. Better mob spawner, obsidian & ore blocks. Rougher red cobblestone texture. New breaking

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[128x128] BroPaint – Hand-Painted Minecraft (1.3 Compatible!)

BroPaint is a super high definition texture pack entirely painted by hand. A very original approach to the HD texture pack genre, which typically involves ripping off photo textures and crying until they tile properly. If Van Gough had made Minecraft texture packs, this is probably close to what he would have designed. Sort of. PRESENTING BROPAINT: THE TEXTURE PACK Download Here:

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[16x][1.4] Super 3D Square World v1.0

I am pretty proud of this texture pack, it really looks great. Some improvements are coming soon, however you may already love it. Just try! Download Here: [16x][1.4] Super 3D Square World

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[32x] AssassinCraft/Renaissance pack (WIP)

Screenshot time! Welcome to Monteggerioni! Featuring: Cypress trees (cacti) Inside Ezio's hideout The Assassin's barracks Grow your own grapes!(NOTE: I used the Doshtopolis map for this screenshot) Down into the tunnels beneath Roma.... Inside a cave (with iron ore) Another cave view, this time with a waterfall. Inside the Nether. Brown

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[32x][1.4] DokuCraft 1.5 (beta)

Screens: Download Here: [32x][1.4] DokuCraft 1.5

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[128x] The Great Sea – Wind Waker – v1.5 – For Beta 1.3

The Great Sea... Home of colour, life and beauty... ~ ...and now you can explore it! This pack is a total conversion for Minecraft, using beautiful high resolution textures from Nintendo's Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker alongside custom sprites to give you the best possible Minecraft and Wind Waker experience! Download Here: [128x] The Great Sea - Wind Waker

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DragonCraft (16×16) Beta 1.2 Compilant

The Nether! (Also know as the Dragon's Graveyard! Check out those bones! Things You Might Find In Your House! Enemy Mobs! A poor lost dragon soul....(Ghast!) Spyidersflys!!! (name pending...) THANKS RIPTIDE! <3 (for the above one!) And thanks ruger392 for the ones below! Download Here: DragonCraft (16x16) Beta 1.2

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[WIP] Xafer’s 16×16 Texture Pack, Gutsy Guts Ghasts!

Feedback is highly appreciated! Foresty forest! Cobblestones and stone slabs Straight lines of redstones! Sadly, these bookshelves wont survive long if Lava continues to flow :[. Furnace, glass and chests! Reeds will be remade. Netherrack and soulsand!ScAaaRRY! Street Lamps made with glowstone.Glowy! New Mineral textures! Yay! Dig these like a dwarf! Woody

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Adamant Pack [16x16] Beta 1.3

A nice shot of the landscape: A preview of the blocks: (High visibility ores!) Inventory, Chest, Crafting, and Furnace Screens: (Dispenser not shown - but it looks just as good as these!) Items! An indoor shot: (Cobblestone and Wood) Some mobs: (And the Nether - with redesigned blocks as well!) The sun sets upon the horizon... Thanks for checking out the new

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